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Time:01:44 pm
Current Mood:refreshedrefreshed
I want to take a second to talk about Conservation. My personal philosophy is that conservation isn't limited to just Natural Resources, or Pretty Things We All Want To See (PTWAWTS). PTWAWTS are fantastic, but they aren't everything. I think everything that people use should be used as sparingly as possible. Try to use the bare minimum.. And think of ways to use less than that.

Here's a prime example that a lot of people don't even give a second thought to.. Toilet Paper. Toilet Paper is one of those things that is ubiquitous and cheap, so why conserve it? I think it's necessary to conserve TP first of all because it comes from trees, and I happen to think more trees are better. The second reason is because it is a resource that is only available in such numbers in a modernized society.. In times of emergency, it is these "Quality of Life" things that tend to drop off first in favor of the "Necessities of Life". Using less TP all the time may just mean that the TP you have will last you through such a crisis. And, to be blunt, most people use TP quite wastefully.

I buy Charmin, plain, two-ply toilet paper. It's not the cheapest, maybe lower middle tier, but at least I can't see the wood grains on the TP. When I'm the only one using my bathroom, a single roll usually last me for about a month, more or less. I think I use on average about six sheets per trip to the bathroom. Now, I'm not a girl, so I use TP about half as much, but still..

Think of it this way: Yesterday, I put a full roll, unused, in the bathroom for company that was coming over. Basically, a family of four. They all used my bathroom, and I didn't. When they left this morning, the roll was already empty (bare tube), and one of the spares I put out was started on.

Let me re-iterate: This was in the span of 12 hours. One roll of TP. Are you serious? I would have thought three days with a family of four with two girls, but half a day?

Scott has told me he generally uses about fifty or sixty sheets a trip to the bathroom. How is that even possible? People, please. CONSERVE TP! CONSERVE EVERYTHING!

At any rate.. Time to head to my one class for the week. Biogeography. I don't necessarily HAVE to go, but I'd feel like a loser if I missed the only class that meets this week. :)
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Current Music:Nothing, because my damn headphones are broken!
Current Location:UNCG Superlab
Subject:Ahh... Damnit.
Time:10:25 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
I'm at UNCG right now in the Superlab, having just finished a book review on Thor Heyerdahl's theory of the Migration of Incan precursor civilizations to the small, Polynesian Islands of the South Pacific, and I just discovered something that annoys me greatly.

My headphones are dead. I know, that is a little bit of a jump from "The Voyage of the Kon-Tiki", but it is tied to it in that I wanted to listen to my MP3 player while writing this book review no matter how much it impaired my ability to multi-task. There is only sound coming out of one side of the headphones, though (double checked by quickly checking my hearing.. I am not deaf in my left ear, despite what my family would crack jokes about my "Selective Hearing".) So, now I am out a fairly nice seat of headphones.

I'm going to pop into the school store and see if anything looks suitable, because I really wanted to sit down and play Final Fantasy VI until about 2:45 this afternoon, taking breaks for the bathroom and lunch only, since I haven't gotten to play a video game in a while and with this book review I am finally up to date on my schoolwork. Hard to do with annoying Mono Sound though.

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Time:03:40 pm
Current Mood:goodgood
I think that anyone can attest to the fact that crawling out of a depression isn't easy. First, just waiting at the bottom of the damn hill, in the dark, waiting for the light to creep back in sucks the energy right out of your soul. Second, the hill is the pile up of all the things that you have been neglecting, both in terms of the things that interest you and you haven't given attention to, your family, and your responsibilities. Sometimes, just being able to see the damn hill is enough to send you back into a depression, when you realize just how much of a climb it is.

The last thing that makes a depression hard is that, just sometimes, you get so wrapped up in it that you can't see that everyone you know is at the bottom of the damn hill with you. My depression has affected everyone in that I haven't been there for them, but they have been there for me. I'm not sure what else I can say about that, but "Thank You".

So, if you are following along with the metaphor, while I've been climbing this hill I've been able to notice some of the things that compose my personality for the first time in a while. Like my obsession with all things survival, my penchant for wanting things to be structured and task oriented, and my love of the outdoors. And, also, my willingness to post my thoughts online where my friends can read them.

Right now, they are all interfering with another thing that I have "rediscovered" while climbing.. Homework. I have this pile up of Spanish HW that I need to do in order to turn it in tomorrow, but I'm just not motivated to do it because it is so beautiful outside, and I just want to be out in it. So, I think I will do this.. I'm going to prioritize.

1. I don't have many days off where it is this pretty, so I should enjoy it while I can.
2. I'll have plenty of time after the sun sets in three hours to do homework.
3. I can get to the top of this pile. I can.

So, I'm going outside. :)
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Subject:More on Drying Clothes
Time:12:00 pm
Current Mood:goodgood
I finally picked up one of my drying racks from Rachel's place in Greensboro so I could start drying my clothes inside. I can proudly say that in the past seven months I have not used the clothes dryer a single time.. However, as my days off to monitor clothing on the line are rather few in number, the odds of the clothes piling up and waiting for a good day to dry them increases.

I had such a pile today, consisting of half of my linens, most of my towels, and about 80% of my clothes. I had one load drying on my drying rack in my room (It's dry now and waiting to be put up.. Two pairs of pants, six underwear, six shirts, six pairs of socks), but there was still quite a backlog. I know that I would have eventually caught up with the drying rack because the rate I can wash and dry clothes exceeds my capacity to generate dirty ones, but still I was happy to find that today, one of my few morning/afternoon's off is a really pretty day.

So, I have the rest of my clothes drying outside. After this, even if I don't have pretty days on my days off, I know that I can at least get my regular clothing dried inside. I'm going to have to figure out a way to dry my linens inside.. Towels are easy, but the sheets and my bedspread are a specific problem. I may have to make those wait for days that are nice and put them outside before I leave for class. The bedspread in particular will be hard, because the damn thing is so thick it will take a while to dry out, even in direct sunlight.

At any rate, I have some class work that I need to get done before five today, so I'd better get cracking on that.
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Subject:Well, shit.
Time:03:43 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
This was a particularly dull weekend with my just working for 90% of the time. Really not much to report there. I do feel physically and emotionally much better than last week though, so maybe things are starting to look up!

I was supposed to have a date for lunch today with this girl named Michele, but she stood me up. This is the first time that I've ever been stood up on a date. Weird. I'm still not sure why people do this.. Is this supposed to be an easier way of turning people down on their end? Why? At any rate, I know that won't happen so I'll just keep looking.

I finally broke down and got a parking sticker Friday just so that I'd be spending less time commuting. I walk something like three hours a week, and I drive something like 12 hours a week, and the walking is just covering the mile or so from Rach's place to UNCG. I've decided that I've had enough of that mess, so from now on my commute is a little bit shorter. It'll be nice to not have to rush out of the house at 6:30AM.

All right, I've got some homework to do, so I might as well buckle down and get that done.
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Current Music:Jim Croce: I Got a Name
Current Location:UNCG-SuperLab
Subject:Feeling Better
Time:09:27 am
Current Mood:calmcalm
Yesterday, after a lot of thought about what I needed to do for myself, and for my own good, I went to Rachel's place before my night class for Monday (Geo-641). I told her that, as much as I loved her and still love her, it's just not fair, for either of us, for me to sit there and wait for her until my feelings go away. And the only reason I feel like I have to wait for her is that I simply haven't told her that I wouldn't wait anymore. So, I told her last night that I wouldn't wait anymore for her, that I'm going to let her go. I know I still love her, but I also know now that it doesn't mean I have to put the things that are me and my life on hold until enough time has passed for me to know she won't come back either.

I feel so much better now than I did on Sunday. So much better. It's amazing, it's like this shadow that's been looming over me has just gone away. I'm still a little sad about Wolf's death, but that's easier for me to deal with now that it is not synergizing with this stuff with Rachel. I came out of my shell after that conversation, I talked with people on campus (which I haven't done since the semester started), and had a really good time in my class! I slept better last night than I have in a couple of months, even though it was only like six hours of sleep, and I woke up *before* my alarm clock and felt refreshed.

I do feel a little bad that I probably brought Rachel's mood down with this, but I think I did what was right for me, and right for her as well. I think we both needed closure on my side of things.

So. Things are easier now. That's good. I was getting sick of things being so hard all the time. Maybe now I can live my life a little bit.
Today we started watching "The Motorcycle Diaries" in Spanish-204. It's a really interesting movie. I'm looking foward to seeing how the rest of it turns out on Thursday. It's been pretty funny to watch so far, and seeing these two guys tramping around and trying to busk for meals and such reminds me of Arocoun (except for the whole speaking Spanish thing).

Today, during my humoungous six hour break between Spanish and Biogeography, I need to do some work on a Project for my Economical Geography class. I'm hoping to get it done by eleven, so I'd better get started soon. But, anyway, it is not like it is going to be all that hard... I just need to use the library's search resources to find a couple or three good resources for my project to base my hypothesis off of.
Thank you, Arocoun. Thank you, Jill. I wrote that last post because I sat down and made myself get it off my chest, and I think that and both of your responses was the catalyst for my making a decision to help myself feel better. I don't think I could have done it without your support. I guess that teaches me that I should learn to ask for help when I need it. I'm still working on that. But, until then, I appreciate you guys, very much.
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Subject:Thoughts on my Day off.
Time:11:03 pm
Current Mood:exhaustedexhausted
This may be a little long and rambling, so I'll cut it just in case.Collapse )

There. I do feel better now. Maybe now I can sleep without having nightmares about all of this stuff.
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Subject:A short gloat
Time:12:08 am
Current Mood:geekygeeky
I think that it is worth noting, just before I go to bed, that it is indeed possible to get better gas mileage than a Prius. Take, for example, MY CAR.

2009 Toyota Prius EPA HIGHWAY ESTIMATE: 48mpg
1995 Honda Civic ACTUAL TANK: 48.5mpg

Don't believe me? Do the math: I drove 237.2 miles on 4.892 gallons of gas.

Want to know what's worse? I think I can do better. On this tank, I've done more than 60 (my most fuel efficient speed on the highway) for about 40 miles or so, past people on single lane highway doing about 80 twice, and run my AC a little. Doesn't sound like much, does it? But if I used even only a tenth of a gallon more than necessary, my gas milage goes up by 1mpg, and I think it's closer to a quarter of a gallon extra that I used for all of this. So, we'll see. I think I can get above 50mpg!
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Current Music:Humming Air Conditioning
Current Location:UNCG
Subject:Well, Shit
Time:02:55 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
It always seems like bad things and events always come in groups of three, right? 

1. Rach and I break up. You can argue with me over whether or not this is a good or bad thing for me, like most relationships you can't have one side of the coin without the other. I consider it a bad thing now that could be good later on.

2. My laptop "dies". I mean, it's not competely and utterly dead, but it has lost most of its functionality as a laptop in that I can not take it to school and depend on it to actually turn on. Which completely sucks because otherwise it is a great laptop that I've gotten a lot of use out of. So, in order to just have a laptop at school, I had to go get another laptop real quick, which turned out to be an Asus Eee 900. I like it, except for the minor inconvience of having it decide that I should jump to whereever the mouse currently is hovering whenever I brush past the mouse pad, but I think I have that whipped now.

3. Wolf died two days ago. There's a good reason why I haven't talked about it, I wasn't ready to. I don't think I really need to explain anymore.

I will say this, though. I could deal with the first two. I miss my dog.
Okay, so enough bitching, life is tough yada yada. The real reason why I started to update was to talk about my classes. So far, things seem to be going okay and getting better as my schedule levels out. The getting things over to dad's place was kind of a drag on my available time, so getting most of that out of the way has helped a lot. Work has been keeping me extra busy with work for this "Pride Ride" thing, which goes down today while I'm not there. After today, it's just back to the normal routine at work which should be a lot easier for me to handle.

That and Scott won't be on the same shift as me. I like the guy, he's my best friend, but I can't work with him. He talks all the damn time and prevents me from doing my job. And then, if I ask him to give me a hand with one thing he basically starts complaing that he has stuff to do (which he hasn't been doing because he's been pestering me the entire time) and it's my job anyway. Thanks, pal.

Geo-490 so far is my favorite class. It's the graduate level class that I petitioned to get into, and it's been reliably the best out of all of my classes. Spanish, believe it or not, is probably my second favorite class right now simply because I enjoy a position of reasonable authority in it. It's pleasant.

All right, class time. More updateyness when I get around to it again. Luckily, I don't have a ton of work to do this weekend for school, so I can afford to relax a little tomorrow while I'm waiting to go to work!
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Subject:It's been a fun, full day!
Time:12:38 am
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
Well, today was my second day off this week, and it was fantastic! I got to lay around the house all day, play video games, be incredibally dull...It was much more fun that it all sounds!

Went to Scott's last night, tried to fix his *new* computer. *New* in that it is new to him, old to me because it has Windows 98 on it, a 10 gig harddrive, and an awe inspiring 256mb of memory. Ugh. I had to deliver unto him the word, and the word is that he needs an actual new computer pronto. This 10 year old, byzantine hunk of junk just isn't going to cut it!  I also had the fun of coming up with metaphors to explain why I couldn't just boot up a PC that has a fried motherboard, but that is just a whole different story.

At any rate, I tried to get out of there at around 10 or so, but Scott wanted to talk about his latest bout with indecision about his career choice, or lack there of. Look. I really like the guy, he's my best friend. But he's fucking 28 years old! He needs to sort his fucking life out, pronto, and get into college! I mean, I know it kind of took me a while, but that was only about four years of thought. Scott's pushing through 10! Well, he wanted to talk about why he doesn't want to be an architect, or a computer programmer, and how just looking at finance books makes him happy. See how that took me five seconds to say? It took him two hours. Just that.

Getting to the damn point, it took me until midnight to get out of there, so I slept a little late this morning, but it's all good.
I washed four loads of clothes today because it was the first nice day in about a week down here. I hung all of them out to try on the clothesline, which indeed does hold four large loads of clothes at the same time. When I first saw it, I thought Dad had over-engineered it as usual, but after having gone through a "Washing" day, I realize that's why he did that...So that he could was 8 loads of laundry during the day and get *all* of it dried outside. I think the thing could actually hold 6 full loads, but by the time the 7th and 8th came through the first two loads would be dry and ready to come off the line.
On the way back from going to go get my lunch today, I saw a turtle trying desperately to cross the street. I hopped out of the car a little past it and ran back to it so I could move it out of the street and to the other side where it was going before some Bubba T. Flubba in his "got me a damn pickemuptruck" ran over it for fun. (I'm not joking, despite the congeniality of country folk, they are just a tad insane in the head when it comes to animals. Show me one country person that gets upset at the thought of killing something.) Some yokels gave me wierd looks, but I don't care!
So, McCain picked a woman to be his VP pick. I'm not sure who he's trying to kid, here. If the Republicans were ready for a woman to be in the White House in a decision making capacity, they would have pushed for one to nominate. Methinks this will backfire.
Okay, got to go make my bed. With dried outside sheets, pillow cases, and blanket. Mmmm.

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